Offices & Equipment

Welcome to our Accredited Gemological Laboratories!


We want you to be with us when we perform your appraisal service or consultation. Many clients do send items to us — but you are lucky if you are close by.  One client drove ten hours to use our services!  This is an environment developed to share information and to help the consumer understand the markets and jewelry in a totally honest and forthright manner.

We are here to answer your nagging questions. When shopping for an appraiser you may want to inquire about equipment and qualifications. The diamond color comparison set we use had to pass through AGS to be approved as a Master Set.

A number of appraisers use CZ master comparison sets.  These can change color over time and comparing CZ’s to diamonds is not comparing apples to apples.  We encourage you to look through our microscope at your item, so you can understand why we are grading the way we are.

List of Laboratory Instruments

  • GIA Binocular Darkfield Microscopes
  • Sartorius Electronic Scale, Measuring to 0.000 ct.
  • GIA Portalab – Fully Portable Laboratories
  • Gran Full Spectrum Diamond Colorimeter DC3000
  • Fiber Optic Lighting
  • Daylight Equivalent Lighting
  • GIA Gem Diamond Lite
  • Electronic Gold and Platinum Tester GXL24pro
  • Touchstone and Acids – necessary for metal testing
  • Spectroscopes, Calcite and Diffraction Grating
  • Refractometers
  • Polariscopes
  • GIA GemSet color grading system
  • Gem Dialogue Color Comparison Charts
  • GemeWizard Software for Color Grading
  • Opal Smart Chart Software
  • HPHT scanner
  • Leveridge Gauges
  • Meleemeter Micro Gauge
  • Thermal Conductivity Diamond Tester
  • Ultraviolet Light Unit-Long and Short Wave
  • GIA Proportionscope
  • Dichroscope
  • Chelsea color filter
  • Hanneman Filters
  • Hearts and Arrows Viewer
  • Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tools – AGS
  • Heavy Liquids
  • Ionic and Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • Digital Cameras
  • Comprehensive Gemological Library
  • Shredder
  • Quantum Leap Appraisal Software Program
  • Five (5) Stone Master Diamond Color Grading Set Ideally Cut by Lazare Kaplan and approved by the American Gem Society for an Independent Certified Gemological Appraisal Laboratory.

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