Selling Tips

Jewelry Selling/Liquidating Tips 101

cartierwatchUnderstand the “value” of what you are trying to sell.  Don’t fall for the advertisements that promise a free “appraisal” and “cash on the spot”.  Does this make sense?  Certainly a bias is evident. You could be selling – for scrap value–a desirable piece of jewelry that should bring considerably more.

Do you have inherited items and need to find a new home for them? 

Do you have a diamond from a broken engagement or divorce settlement?

Do you have items tucked away in a safe deposit box and have no idea what they may be worth? 
Diamond Ring - Connecticut (CT) and Massachusetts (MA) Jewelry Appraisal
We like to have a consultation to determine how saleable your items are and what avenues you should pursue in order to get the most for those items. We will give you current retail prices, what you may realize if you liquidate, and just good information — so you can go forward with an educated decision.

If your items are desirable and important, we want to be sure you get them into the proper market, in order to maximize your return.Diamond Rings - Connecticut (CT) and Massachusetts (MA) Jewelry Appraisal

You need an expert who is knowledgeable about vintage items that may be worth substantial money.  Oftentimes these get sold without understanding what they are.

Diamonds can command a premium – but you must know what you have.  We can do a preliminary grading for you and go forward from there.  If you have any information on the diamond, bring it in and we can discuss how to proceed.  On more important stones, we often recommend getting a GIA diamond report, to ensure you get the highest price for your piece. Diamond Ring - Connecticut (CT) and Massachusetts (MA) Jewelry Appraisal

Consultations are $150 per hour. We will give you the information you need to get the most money for your items.  If you decide to use our brokering services, this initial fee will be waived.

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