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Jewelry Appraisal & Other Services

Appraisals by Appointment (often while you wait)

silverbraceletAre you leery about having your item out of your sight?  Not a problem.  You can sit with us and have every step explained as we perform the necessary work required.   We embrace your concern. We have the confidence in what we do. If time allows, we are happy to perform all work with you present.


Curious as to what you may own?  You may not have a clue as to the value of items handed down from generation to generation, or of the current value of a piece you purchased in the past. We will give you the honest information you need so that you can go forward with any decisions you need to make.

Diamond Grading

Being a very good grader takes years of experience.  We prefer to grade without seeing your documentation so you are getting a totally unbiased, educated and experienced opinion.

New Purchase Verifications

Are you wondering if you got what you paid for?  Were you told to bring it to an independent appraiser?  It is very difficult to find trained appraisers — but we are here for you.  We are happy to show you your diamond, or other piece, under a binocular darkfield microscope so you can understand the grading.  New England Gem Lab’s scope is your scope! You should know what your stone looks like and how to identify it.  Your stone is unique!

Insurance and Estate Appraisals

Our detailed reports are exacting. They contain digital pictures, plotting diagrams on larger stones — and are acceptable to all insurance companies.


We will give you all the information about your piece and its marketability, to maximize your dollar return.  We can act as a broker for you if you so chose.

Portable Laboratory

We are happy to travel to bank vaults, offices or on site/in home for large assignments.


New England Gem Lab in Massachusetts and Connecticut has an extensive jewelry library that is constantly being expanded and upgrading.  We also have access to a large industry network that enables us to get as much information as possible on unusual pieces.

Stone Identification

Massachusetts and Connecticut Gem Stone Appraisal

Basic stone identification is performed in our well equipped Gem Lab.  However, some stones may need to be sent into the American Gem Trade Association or Gemological Institute of America for more extensive testing.  There are many treatments and enhancements being performed on gems to make them look better. If you are considering purchasing an important stone that does not have any test report — it may be a good idea to get this additional information.

Equitable Distribution

Time to start dividing up some of the family items?  We can help you do it fairly and equitably.

Power Point Presentation

Available to area groups, clubs and associations.