in the last week-03-2017

This review is long overdue, though they say better late than never. Cindy was an amazing help in my adventure that was my finding a diamond and setting with which to propose. After what seemed like endless research I purchased a diamond online with the intention of working with a jeweler to design a setting. I was nervous about purchasing a diamond that I had not seen in person, so I immediately set up an appointment with Cindy to get the diamond itself inspected and appraised. I figured this would mean I’d incur twice the cost since my plan was to bring back the finished ring once the diamond was set; however much to my surprise Cindy was kind enough to inspect my diamond at the first meeting and instructed me to bring it back when the setting was complete for a one time charge rather than two full appraisals. It was very kind of her, we agreed that rather than a full appraisal report on the diamond alone she would wait until I came back to appraise the full ring and generate a report. This meant that I gained the reassurance that I had not been duped with my online purchase without needing to pay for two appraisals (which I was willing to due to gain that assurance).

As for Cindy herself, it’s honestly like visiting a close relative that knows more than you ever thought possible about jewelry. She is kind, thorough, and an extremely interesting person. The conversation with Cindy was worth the visit alone. The appraisal did not take long and she even teaches you while she works and allows you to inspect your piece with some of her equipment to better understand what she is doing and gain a deeper connection to the piece you are having appraised. She explains everything she’s doing and why she’s doing it. She even gave us great lunch recommendations to try out after we were finished.

If you are looking for someone who is good at what they do and just a pleasure to work with then Cindy is the perfect choice. She’s obviously very passionate about what she does, and that goes a long way in making you feel good when getting the appraisal.

William Hinchcliffe
East Haven, Connecticut

I needed to have some jewelry reappraised and a loose gem stone appraised and went online to look for someone who could do this for me. My husband and I didn’t want to go into NYC for a certified appraiser and was hoping I could locate someone just as qualified here in CT. I was so happy to find Cindy and read about all her qualifications and the services offered at New England Gem Lab. She is extremely professional and thorough, and spent time with us explaining the process as she evaluated our jewelry. She is a very pleasant person to work with and you can see that she enjoys her work immensely. I highly recommend her without any hesitation to anyone who may need an appraisal. A “real gem” right here in Ct!

Guilford, Connecticut

I am really impressed with Leslie at New England Gem Lab in Newton. I had some jewelry I wanted to have appraised and insured before I took it with me on vacation. Of course, I waited until the last minute to deal with it. When I called her and told her about the situation , she came in really early the next morning to squeeze me in. She was terrific! The appraisal was extremely detailed and thorough. I would definitely use her again.

Newton, Massachusetts

My experience with Cindy this past weekend was very, very positive! She is very experienced, explained things clearly and was very pleasant to work with. She worked around my busy travel schedule and was there for our appointment (on a Saturday) at exactly the time we scheduled. She did not rush through the appraisal, taking her time to explain the process as she worked. I would highly recommend her to other folks that need appraisals, or any other jewelry advice!

Noank, Connecticut

My wife has collected a lot of jewelry over the past 15 years. We wanted to figure out what the jewelry was worth, to determine if we wanted to sell anything she does not wear anymore. We took the jewelry to Leslie at New England Gem Lab in Newton. She was terrific — very knowledgeable and easy to work with. She appraised all the jewelry for us, did a written appraisal of the pieces we were keeping (so we could get them insured) and then helped us sell the pieces we did not want. I would definitely recommend her.‎


I was given my grandmother’s diamond ring ten years ago and had it appraised for insurance purposes at what I thought was a reputable jewelry store. Recently, I decided I should update the appraisal to make sure it was properly insured. A friend of mine recommended Leslie at New England Gem Lab in Newton. I’m so happy she did. Leslie spent a lot of time with me explaining exactly what the diamond was and how she graded it. It turned out that the original appraisal was wrong in two regards. First, they said it was a “mine-cut” diamond and Leslie determined that it was actually an “old European-cut” and that the original appraisal had underestimated the carat weight. She wrote a very thorough, professional appraisal. Leslie was great – she made the whole process interesting and easy. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs jewelry appraised.‎


My experience at The New England Gem Lab was exceptional. Leslie was very knowledgeable, professional and thorough in her evaluation of my jewelry. Equally as important was the feeling of being comfortable leaving my family heirlooms in her care. She provided true appraisals- unlike many places that hand you a fancy piece of paper with an inflated price without a real examination of the jewelry. Leslie and her team are experts and they are trustworthy- I highly recommend them!‎


I enjoyed everything about my appraisal. I purchased the piece with little knowledge about its quality. Leslie walked me through the appraisal process, highlighting the good and bad. She gave an honest appraisal without ever asking what I paid for the piece. I would go back in a heartbeat if I needed a future appraisal.


I recently purchased a diamond and I wanted to verify my purchase. I made an appointment with Cindy Konney at her office in Old Lyme. She gave me a totally unbiased opinion of my diamond without even asking to see my report. She showed me my diamond under the microscope so I could understand the grading process. All of this was done in my presence. It helped me to make en educated decision on my purchase. This was a great experience! No one else was willing to offer this kind of service in a professional office and in a very timely manner!