“Appointments Preferred” Service…We welcome you to be with us while we perform your appraisal. We enjoy sharing any information to help you understand your piece(s). Knowledge, experience and level of expertise will be reflected in the final fee.


Minimum Appraisal Fee is $100.00

$50 minimum per additional item for example, appraising a spray brooch with multiple diamonds takes much longer than appraising a 0.25 carat diamond solitaire ring.

What is included?

Prices include exacting documentation, digital pictures, plotting diagrams on stones over 1.00 carat – all necessary for proper insurance coverage. We are happy to grade the stones prior to reading any report provided to you at point of purchase, in order to give a totally unbiased opinion of the grading.Fees are based on the amount of work, the difficulty of the items and the research which may be necessary to make a fully comprehensive report. 

Estimates will be quoted when the pieces are presented for examination and we can determine the exact nature of the appraisal and work required. 

Larger collections will be priced on an hourly basis.We ask that you bring in any documentation which may be available, such as previous appraisals, sales receipts, grading reports and insurance listings along with the item(s) which needs to be done. It is important for complete documentation to have all the facts in your file. If any discrepancies exist, we will address it during our session. The thoroughness of your report will determine how well you are covered in the event of loss, theft and/or damage. 

Enjoy your jewelry, wear it, but make sure it is covered either as a separate binder on your home insurance policy or in a specific jewelry policy with an insurer, such as Jeweler’s Mutual, or Touchstone Insurance. Nothing is worse than not being able to replace a treasured keepsake. Our files are kept electronically. Your appraisal may need to be updated in the future. The market does fluctuate. Contact us every three to five years to check if an update needs to be done. Updates are done at a reduced rate up to five years. Your information is kept confidential.

Consultation Fee $200.00 per Hour

Higher charges apply to period pieces, multi stone pieces, complex design, items requiring additional research and establishing provenance. For report verifications, use major diamond price list.

Why do fees vary so much?

If you receive a ‘free’ appraisal from the seller, it is really just a Documentation of Purchase. It should state what was sold, the grading, stone weights and the actual transaction price. Do not be fooled by inflated documentation. This is nothing more than a marketing tool. Also, be aware that if someone says they can do an appraisal for considerably less – they are not doing you a favor. The appraisal report will be scant and may not be backed up by any level of expertise. In case of loss or theft — you could have problems. It is fair to charge for the amount of work and research required to complete your project properly, and to ensure it will hold up in court if required. 

 We accept personal checks or cash. Billing can be arranged.